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Coaching and Consulting

As a partner, we would like you to take care of our clients and customer closely and provide them with your excellent knowledge and experience such as “set goals,” “raise issues,” “make action plans,” “make concrete proposals”, in order to achieve their goals and what they want to be.

Our Consultant

Junichi (Jay)

“Global Excellent Professional Coach”

Language: Japanese, English

Conducts practical coaching based on the ten habits of Global Excellent Professional, targeting individuals who wish to succeed globally.

After graduating from university, worked in marketing and sales at a heavy electrical equipment manufacturer, then moved to an electronic components manufacturer where engaged in automotive-related business.

Additionally, spent a total of 13 years abroad, with five years in the United States and eight years in Europe, engaging in sales and base management.

Upon returning to Japan, led initiatives in the management planning department, including mid-to long-term management planning, business strategy formulation, management restructuring, integration, M&A, and PMI practice.

Currently working for a foreign-owned company, actively as the head of marketing and sales in the Japanese market.

Davis Emma

“Global Executive Coach”


Emma is a transformative coach, who helps business leaders and founders to sleep better at night and be at their best. She is the founder of Coaching to Reconnect and the co-founder of Reconnect Weekends. She also founded English Coaching Network, where she helps international professionals to communicate effectively in English, feel confident and reach their goals. Emma is also a high-impact trainer, speaker, writer and singer. She has coached and trained directors and professionals from companies such as Microsoft, Santander, Volvo, Vodafone, Phillip Morris, Meliá Hotels International, Naturgy, Daimler, Fountain Partnership, Sngular and ALSO.


“Science and Foreign-Owned Company Specialized Career Consultant”

Language: Japanese, English

As a career consultant specialized in science and foreign-owned companies, possesses many clients.

After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, worked for a major American semiconductor manufacturer, a German chemical manufacturer, and a German electronic components manufacturer.

Holds a wide range of knowledge and experience in various job roles such as development, marketing, and technical sales, and across various industries including semiconductors, chemicals, electronic components, and automotive. In addition, is a working mother of two children.



Certified Career Consultant

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