It has been a quarter of a century since the term globalization began to be used, but the business environment surrounding us has changed significantly in Japan as well, not only in trading companies and companies expanding overseas, but also in companies that mainly focus on domestic demand-type businesses. , Increasing M & A and alliances from foreign-affiliated companies, increasing inbound business by travelers from overseas, seeking overseas business expansion as a measure to reduce domestic demand due to declining birthrate and aging population, and taking on challenges and practices in global business is becoming indispensable. It is no exaggeration to say that each of us is in a situation where we must develop practical skills to do our jobs globally.

On the other hand, in the IMD Country Competitiveness Survey, Japan’s international competitiveness is 34th, and in the World Human Resources Survey, Japan’s international competitiveness is 38th, human resources development investment in the working environment is 30th, and the attractiveness of foreigners is 27th, 54th in advanced skills and abilities, and 64th in language ability, and We believe that we must improve our capabilities as soon as possible in the practice of global business.

Therefore, we define a business person who has the mindset and capabilities required to do the business globally as a “Global Excellent Professional” and set up several support services to the person who want to be “Global Excellent Professional”. We hope that our support and services will help to make business person successful.

To be a “Global Excellent Professional”, you will acquire their practical business capabilities, facilitate global communication, and be more confident and practical to do the global business.

We hope that we can contribute to your success in your business.

What is Global Excellence Professional ?

  1. Can work happily with a smile anywhere in the world
  2. Have cross-cultural understanding and responsiveness
  3. Has strong spirit of challenge
  4. Has the capability to find problems and solve them.
  1. Can communicate in English

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