We are “Global Excellent Professional”

Connecting to the world with “SMART”

What is a Global Excellent Professional ?

  1. Can work happily with a smile anywhere in the world
  2. Have cross-cultural understanding and responsiveness
  3. Has strong spirit of challenge
  4. Has the capability to find problems and solve them.
  5. Can communicate in English

By becoming a “Global Excellent Professional”, you will be able to acquire practical business capabilities, facilitate global communication, and achieve your goals in your business with greater confidence than you are now.

We hope that you will be able to work with a smile and make the results anywhere in the world.

Our Community

We provide a community for discussion and presentations on global business through the exchange of information with members from different industries.
We are active in a closed community on FB.

Talking, Creating, and Starting a Business in English

“Discuss the Business” Create the Business, and Do the Business”.

The following topics are the main topics of discussion, with various professionals sharing their knowledge and experiences in English.

We hope to exchange opinions and challenge each participating member to take action to create value.

  1. cross-cultural understanding/communication
  2. case studies
  3. Presentations (sharing of knowledge, experiences, and business proposals)
  4. Global Business Management Study
  5. guest speaker’s lecture in English

Those who are interested in business conversation in English, those who have been stationed overseas, those who work for a foreign company, returnees, native English speakers, and those who are interested in

If you are doing business overseas or have a boss or subordinate who is a foreigner and are interested, please join this community.

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