【GEE 85回勉強会のご案内(2024/6/8開催)】Learning Global Business World!(終了いたしました)

■The “GEE” English Study Group, which focuses on cross-cultural understanding, communication, and business case studies, will hold workshop in Zoom

・日時: 2024年6月8日(土) 07:00 PM

・場所:Tokyo Comedy Bar @ 渋谷

※今回は課外活動という事で、渋谷のTOKYO COMEDY BARにてスタンドアップコメディーを楽しもう企画ですので奮って参加ください。

1. Self Introduction
2. Enjoy Stand-up comedy at Tokyo Comedy Bar
3. Wrap up

Please join us and contact to the organizers

■What is ”GEE”
Globalization, uncertainty, digitalization, AI, DX, and other values are changing at a rapid pace, and in order to adapt to changes in the business environment, it is no longer enough to simply do the job at hand.
Knowledge of general management, marketing, sales, accounting, etc. from a global perspective, as well as the ability to connect and share values with people from different industries, is becoming more and more important for business person. GEE, a study group with English as the common language, is a fun space where professionals in various fields can spontaneously share their specialties and learn from each other through communication in easy English.