English Coaching Network (ECN) は、英語Nativeコーチによるファシリテーションを通じ、皆様の英語の上達と課題解決を楽しく行っていくコミュニティーです。


English Coaching Network (ECN)は、アカデミックな手法等によって皆様を英語ネイティブにするのではなく、


English Coaching Network (ECN) is NOT an academy or a “super method” that promises to reincarnate you as a native through hours of online material.

We coach you to English FLUENCY and to achieve your professional and personal goals. 


毎週(水) 09:00 PM

Every Wednesday 9:00pm-


45,000 円(3ヵ月)3回の参加までFREE
45,000 JPY for 3 months, you can attend 3 timds free of charge



Online ( Session is held on zoom )

コース内容/Contents summary

Benefits Of The ECN Coaching Group:
● Reach your most treasured, genuine goals. Feel more relaxed and fulfilled.
● Develop your social, communication, improvisation and leadership skills and
other soft skills in English to open up professional doors and increase your
● Learn to speak English fluently in just 3 months and listen effectively in real
multicultural situations.
● Get rid of your sense of ridicule and shyness in a safe, non-judgemental
● Learn to relax and be present in your conversations and all areas of your life.
● Increase your confidence and contribute more in English at global meetings.
● Go to job interviews and social/networking events without panicking :).
● Be an exceptional professional who is able to speak in public comfortably in
● Have fun and laugh on a weekly basis.
● Network with the other members and learn from their specialist knowledge.
● Learn more about yourself and other cultures.
● Learn to speak and listen naturally without translating.